The Community Cat Magazine edition 16 – Digital download




Edition 16 of The Community Cat Magazine features Hospital therapy cat, Mr. London Meow, Super cat Cervantes, ‘petite’ Kedi, the very well known ‘Sox the waving cat’, a school cat, cats in a cocktail bar – and many more fantastic felines!

In this edition of The Community Cat Magazine

We hear all about Mr. London Meows incredible job as a hospital therapy cat, making a difference to people’s lives.

Kittens are saved from a recycling centre crusher.

Would rescue ‘super’ cat Cervantes be released back into the wild after all, after being rescued?

Named after a classroom, ‘Room 8’ the school class is said to have never missed a day of school for 16 years!

The bar with a twist – take a trip to no ordinary cocktail bar, a cocktail bar with cats!

…Read more about this and more in The Community Cat Magazine!


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