About us

Welcome to the Community Cat Magazine! Our magazine aims to bring cats all together in one place in engaging and interesting magazines that we hope will make you laugh and smile – but be prepared to get emotional at times too!

Across all editions we’ve released so far, we’ve featured some amazing cats including Maximus, Robert and the allotment cats, Milbrooks’ Minnie, Cilla the school cat, Ollie Gervais, Scruffkit, Pebbles, Moet the blind cat and so many more! Take a look at our cover cats below…

Getting involved

To continue developing this magazine, we’re calling on people to get involved if they’d like to! You could share your cat’s story with us or a cat related article – Please click here for full details: get involved

If you’re a cat charity who’d like to share anything from the work you do to a cat story, please get in touch with us: @comcatmag on Twitter or email boush100@icloud.com.

Buying a magazine

Each magazine costs £3.99 digitally. £4.99 in paperback (Luxury glossy and high quality) with FREE uk shipping – overseas shipping varies. Please note, the magazine is now ‘digital only’ for future editions.

There are limited copies remaining of edition 2 and 5 in paperback and all editions of the magazine are available digitally in our shop.

Payment methods we accept

We accept the following payment methods: Via our website we accept PayPal or credit card – if you’d prefer to pay via bank transfer or experience any issues with payment please contact us @comcatmag via Twitter or via email: boush100@icloud.com and we’d be more than happy to assist!

Please feel free to get involved or contact us with any questions!

You can also get in touch and / or order via twitter, through @ComCatMag